Guangzhou to Hanoi train journey

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Today there was not much site seeing but a day spent purely travelling. Thankfully we had a pleasant start – we didn’t need to be at the station until much later as the train departed at 11.40. Jason took the boys downstairs from the hotel to watch some kite flying. We had a decent buffet breakfast with almost everything you can think of to eat! With a full tummy we set on our way to Guangzhou south station.

We got 2 first class tickets on the bullet train ($200 yuan per adult).

Tip: If you want to save some bucks, you can get away with only buying two adult tickets. As children are free in most of China and Vietnam, just hope that there are empty seats so that you can seat them. The Guangzhou to Nanning East train ride took 3.5 hours.

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Guangzhou – a city of lights!

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The morning came and went like a whirlwind. Trying to pack everything up again, getting the boys ready and trying to find accommodation for tonight in Guangzhou (yes you read correctly haha). The start to our journey from Hong Kong to Guangzhou by train was just another chaotic morning – only in Hong Kong.

We initially thought that we would catch the metro to Hung Hom station, which is “currently the only station in Hong Kong serving cross-border trains to mainland China” (wiki). We figured that being peak hour it would be a nightmare to catch a taxi that crosses the harbour tunnel.

Thankfully our hotel concierge recommended we take the taxi, as 8am was not quite peak hour and it would take less time to cab it – and cab it we did. This allowed us plenty of time to chase after kids that kept running off; try to calm Mr3 down from his tantrum after taking away his “gukky”(his soft sleep teddy), which he kept throwing around; and keep the two boys from fighting and hitting each other because one called the other a smelly bum-bum. It is moments like these that make travelling with kids so difficult and stressful!  Continue reading