About us:


My husband and I love travelling – who doesn’t! We did our fair bit of travelling as single people and as a couple, before our two boys came along.

We always believed that travelling the world would be an exciting and practical vehicle of education for our children. Through our family excursions we hope to instil in our boys a passion for life; admiration of cultures and people; a sense of awe and wonder at God’s creation; a thirst for social justice and the confidence to believe that anything is possible.

What began as solo adventures to see the world, has now become a family affair, full of family excursions.

The site:

I started this site so that family and friends could follow us as we travelled with our boys, but more importantly so that I wouldn’t forget what we did!

We saw someone’s blog from Singapore to London by train and thought what a great idea and what an adventure it would be to do this with our two boys (at the time 2 and 3 years old). Travelling with children can often be stressful and many choose to wait until their children are old enough to “remember” or old enough so that it is easier for the parents. But who wants to wait when there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored and not enough time!

Our goal/dream is to ultimately travel from Singapore to London by train. This may interest anyone who would consider a similar journey but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. My first blog, Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh by train briefly outlines a 14 out of 31 day itinerary. Post 14 days was just played by ear, but you can read all about our journey in all our other blogs below, or just click on Blog posts to see a continual run of the posts. Just bear in mind, they will be in reverse order.

2. Hong Kong

3. Guangzhou – a city of lights!

4. Guangzhou to Hanoi train journey

5. Ha Long Bay

6. Halong to Hanoi

7. Hanoi

8. Sapa – day 1

9. Sapa – day 2

10. Sapa – day 3

11. Sapa day 4

12. Ninh Binh

13. Ninh Binh to Dong Hoi

14. Dong Hoi-Paradise and Phong Nha Caves

15. Christmas Eve – Dong Hoi to Da Nang

16. Hoi An

17. Quy Nhon

18. Ho Chi Minh

19. Mekong Delta